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Character Stat
The Preservation
Straight Bet
Straight Bet
Basic ATK
Lv. 1
Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 50% of Aventurine's DEF to a single target enemy.
Cornerstone Deluxe
Cornerstone Deluxe
Lv. 1
Provides all allies with a Fortified Wager shield that can block DMG equal to 16.0% of Aventurine's DEF plus 80, lasting for 3 turn(s). When repeatedly gaining Fortified Wager, the Shield effect can stack, up to 200% of the Shield provided by the current Skill.
Roulette Shark
Roulette Shark
Lv. 1
Randomly gains 1 to 7 points of Blind Bet. Then inflicts Unnerved on a single target enemy, lasting for 3 turn(s). And deals Imaginary DMG equal to 162% of Aventurine's DEF to the single target enemy. When an ally hits an Unnerved enemy target, the CRIT DMG dealt increases by 9.0%.
Shot Loaded Right
Shot Loaded Right
Lv. 1
The Effect RES increases by 25.0% for a single ally with Fortified Wager. And when this allied character gets attacked, Aventurine gains 1 point of Blind Bet. When Aventurine has Fortified Wager, he can resist Crowd Control debuffs. This effect can trigger again after 2 turn(s). Aventurine additionally gains 1 point(s) of Blind Bet after getting attacked. Upon reaching 7 points of Blind Bet, Aventurine consumes the 7 points to launch a 7-hit follow-up attack, with each hit dealing Imaginary DMG equal to 13% of Aventurine's DEF to a single random enemy. Blind Bet is capped at 10 points.
Attacks an enemy, and when the battle starts, reduces their Toughness of the corresponding Type.
The Red or the Black
The Red or the Black
After using the Technique, 1 of the following effects will be granted:
There is a chance for DEF to increase by 24%.
There is a high chance for DEF to increase by 36%.
There is a small chance for DEF to increase by 60%.

When this Technique is used repeatedly, the acquired effect with the highest buff value is retained.
When the next battle starts, increases all allies' DEF by the corresponding value, lasting for 3 turn(s).
Prisoner's Dilemma
Prisoner's Dilemma
Lv. 1
Increases CRIT DMG by 20% for allies with Fortified Wager. After using the Ultimate, provides all allies with a Fortified Wager shield, whose Shield effect is equal to 100% of the one provided by the Skill, lasting for 3 turn(s).
Bounded Rationality
Bounded Rationality
Lv. 2
When using Basic ATK, reduces the target's All-Type RES by 12% for 3 turn(s).
Droprate Maxing
Droprate Maxing
Lv. 3
Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Unexpected Hanging Paradox
Unexpected Hanging Paradox
Lv. 4
When triggering his Talent's follow-up attack, first increases Aventurine's DEF by 40% for 2 turn(s), and additionally increases the Hits Per Action for his talent's follow-up attack by 3.
Ambiguity Aversion
Ambiguity Aversion
Lv. 5
Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Stag Hunt Game
Stag Hunt Game
Lv. 6
For every ally with a Shield, the DMG dealt by Aventurine increases by 50%, up to a maximum of 150%.
Lv 20
Lv 30
Lv 40
Lv 50
Lv 60
Lv 70
Camden Sutkowski
Interastral Peace Corporation
First Meeting
Your humble servant "Aventurine," at your disposal. Just a cog in the machine known as the IPC's Strategic Investment Department. Nevertheless, I can also play the role of "friend" — if needed.
How about a game? Nothing fancy, just a game of heads or tails to gauge today's luck.
Satisfied with our transaction, I trust? Cast your eyes to the future, and you'll realize we both stand to gain from a little mutual understanding.
About Self: Luck
How to win a whole planet with just one chip? Strategizing, scheming, calculating... but ultimately, it hinges on luck. Good luck makes one powerful, but destiny? Inherently unjust.
About Self: Trading Partners
I prefer the beggar over the rich man. The rich have no idea what they're after in life, but the beggar? Those folks — they know exactly what they want.
Chat: Interastral Peace Corporation
"Fortune" forms the foundation of our world. The flourishing of the cosmos relies on exchange and commerce — the IPC facilitates such connections between planets, weaving everything and everyone together. Wealth begets Erudition, produces Elation, averts Destruction, and builds Harmony.
Chat: Exploitation and Betrayal
Go ahead, use me as you wish, even stab me in the back if you see fit. Exploitation and treachery are simply tools of the trade. But remember, I don't make deals that don't pay off... So, I hope you don't disappoint me.
There's no denying it, my fascination is with the game of chance... be it the exhilarating rush of triumph or the extensive emptiness that follows, both are worth savoring, time and time again.
Life would be quite dull if it were just an unending series of wins, wouldn't it?
Something to Share
The heart of the IPC revolves around earnings and expansion. It can weather a loss here and there, but stagnation is impermissible. A daring gamble is better than being overly cautious — just like the wager Diamond made on me... We both deserve congratulations for that one.
The Watchmaker of Penacony doesn't primarily make their living from watchmaking, yet the place is a magnet for talented horologists. Look at this piece, for example. Its hands and face are imbued with memoria, artfully altering its appearance to reflect the wearer's emotions... As for me, I'd probably just prefer swapping out watches.
About Topaz
She's always searching for the optimal solution in maintaining equilibrium between the corporation and its customers. Not an easy feat if you ask me, but she's climbed the corporate ladder incredibly fast, so she must be doing something right.
About Dr. Ratio
The erudite folks of the Intelligentsia Guild are often eager to distance themselves from the IPC... and I suspect Ratio doesn't care for me much either. Unfortunately for him, I make for a more competent conversationalist than the other dimwits around here.
About Black Swan
Nothing remains hidden from a Memokeeper. If she's set her sights on you, it's clear she's after something. Consider how you might turn that to your advantage.
About Acheron
A chip of unknown value, a card of unknown suit, yet... it is she who will shape the entire course of the game.
About Sunday
Taking a shortcut or two isn't a big deal, but blatantly dipping your hands into someone else's pockets — that lacks finesse.
About Sparkle
The Fools never play to win — they're more like crazed thrill seekers.
Eidolon Activation
Give me a single die, and watch me turn the tables.
Character Ascension
That's all? It's settled then — I'm going all-in.
Max Level Reached
See? I knew I'd picked the right side.
Trace Activation
The game's not over yet. Let's raise the stakes, shall we?
Added to Team With {NICKNAME}
Ah, {F#Miss}{M#Mr.} Stellaron. Time for us to reveal our true value to one another.
Added to Team With Topaz
Same project again? With you here, I've got nothing to worry about.
Added to Team With Dr. Ratio
Well, look who it is. How about you give me a hand this time, Ratio?
Added to Team With Black Swan
Lay out your plans, Memokeeper. I will find my place in the web of your schemes.
Added to Team With Sparkle
Teetering on the precipice of danger is quite enchanting, wouldn't you agree?
Added to Team With Acheron
Any justification here for you to unsheathe your blade... Emanator?
Battle Begins: Weakness Break
Looks like I've got a winning hand.
Battle Begins: Danger Alert
High stakes, high rewards.
Turn Begins 1
Better hedge your bets.
Turn Begins 2
Alright, I'll call your bet~
Turn Idling
Opportunity doesn't knock on its own, you know.
Basic ATK
Can't lose this one.
Skill 1
Going all in. Tab's on me.
Skill 2
Don't ask. Just spend.
Hit by Light Attack
No dirty tricks, alright?
Hit by Heavy Attack
Trying to pull a fast one?
Ultimate: Activate
The dice have been cast.
Ultimate: Unleash
Bust? Or maybe I'll take it all!
Lost it all...
Return to Battle
Back in the game!
Health Recovery
Trust me, this is a guaranteed win.
Talent 1
Watch your head!
Talent 2
All in!
Feeling lucky?
Battle Won
As if victory were ever in doubt.
Treasure Opening 1
Heh, this is hardly enough for a seat at the table.
Treasure Opening 2
A reward with no risk? I'll take it.
Precious Treasure Opening
Fortune follows luck, just like it always does.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 1
An unsurprising win.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 2
A ten-to-one payout? Music to my ears.
Enemy Target Found
The bigger the risk, the better the reward...
Returning to Town
All this free time, why not make the most of it with a game?