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Character Stat
The Erudition
Glistening Light
Glistening Light
Basic ATK
Lv. 1
Jing Yuan deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of his ATK to a single enemy.
Rifting Zenith
Rifting Zenith
Lv. 1
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Jing Yuan's ATK to all enemies and increases Lightning-Lord's Hits Per Action by 2 for the next turn.
Lv. 1
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 120% of Jing Yuan's ATK to all enemies and increases Lightning-Lord's Hits Per Action by 3 for the next turn.
Prana Extirpated
Prana Extirpated
Lv. 1
Summons Lightning-Lord at the start of the battle. Lightning-Lord has 60 base SPD and 3 base Hits Per Action. When the Lightning-Lord takes action, its hits are considered as follow-up attacks, with each hit dealing Lightning DMG equal to 33% of Jing Yuan's ATK to a random single enemy, and enemies adjacent to it also receive Lightning DMG equal to 25% of the DMG dealt to the target enemy.
The Lightning-Lord's Hits Per Action can reach a max of 10. Every time Lightning-Lord's Hits Per Action increases by 1, its SPD increases by 10. After the Lightning-Lord's action ends, its SPD and Hits Per Action return to their base values.
When Jing Yuan is knocked down, the Lightning-Lord will disappear.
When Jing Yuan is affected by Crowd Control debuff, the Lightning-Lord is unable to take action.
Attacks an enemy, and when the battle starts, reduces their Toughness of the corresponding Type.
Spirit Invocation
Spirit Invocation
After the Technique is used, the Lightning-Lord's Hits Per Action in the first turn increases by 3 at the start of the next battle.
Slash, Seas Split
Slash, Seas Split
Lv. 1
When Lightning-Lord attacks, the DMG multiplier on enemies adjacent to the target enemy increases by an extra amount equal to 25% of the DMG multiplier against the target enemy.
Swing, Skies Squashed
Swing, Skies Squashed
Lv. 2
After Lightning-Lord takes action, DMG caused by Jing Yuan's Basic ATK, Skill, and Ultimate increases by 20% for 2 turn(s).
Strike, Suns Subdued
Strike, Suns Subdued
Lv. 3
Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Spin, Stars Sieged
Spin, Stars Sieged
Lv. 4
For each hit performed by the Lightning-Lord when it takes action, Jing Yuan regenerates 2 Energy.
Stride, Spoils Seized
Stride, Spoils Seized
Lv. 5
Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Sweep, Souls Slain
Sweep, Souls Slain
Lv. 6
Each hit performed by the Lightning-Lord when it takes action will make the target enemy Vulnerable.
While Vulnerable, enemies receive 12% more DMG until the end of the Lightning-Lord's current turn, stacking up to 3 time(s).
Lv 20
Lv 30
Lv 40
Lv 50
Lv 60
Lv 70
Alejandro Saab
The Xianzhou Luofu
First Meeting
I am Jing Yuan, the general of the Luofu Cloud Knights. There's no need for formality. "General" is a temporary title, and you can simply call me Jing Yuan.
Ah, you're here. If you have any interesting stories from your travels, do share them with me.
Mmm, rest well... My apologies. There is still some work to be done and I can't see you out personally.
About Self
My past enemies are either dead or captured, and my past friends are scattered to the winds. Now that I think about it, I am indeed an old man...
Chat: Chess
A master of the chessboard does not always make flashy moves. People take delight from one flashy move that saves the day, but never worry when the entire situation teeters towards a loss.
Chat: The Luofu
Outsiders perhaps like to abbreviate the Xianzhou Luofu as just Xianzhou, but... the Luofu is not the Xianzhou. The Luofu is the Luofu, no more, no less.
Meditating with my eyes closed. That gets more difficult as time goes on.
For all of my life, I've been scared of trouble. There are major troubles and minor ones, distant ones and close ones. They need plans, preparations, and all things that need effort...
Something to Share
This spirit is called Lightning-Wielding Thunder-Clapping Spirit-Squashing Lord. It's a name I read from an ancient text, but it's too long to remember, so I just abbreviate it to the Lightning... Lord.
I have been bound by mundane duties for years. Not only do I find no fun in my surroundings, but I'm also becoming a rather boring person. If I must talk about something interesting, then it'd be meeting space travelers like yourself.
About Yanqing
If you treat him as a child, he'll put on the airs of an adult. If you treat him as an adult, he'll show the temperament of a child.
About Fu Xuan
I know what Fu Xuan is thinking of, so I must make her wait. If she is patient enough to wait, then that would be the time.
About Yukong
Everyone believes Helm Master Yukong had retired... They don't know that she chose an even harder path after she left her beloved skies behind.
About Tingyun
Xianzhou is capable of such bustling trade because of how Amicassadors such as Tingyun socialize so much with the outsiders.
About Luocha
I have seen many merchants in my life, but don't you think there aren't many like him, who are in no hurry to do business?
About Sushang
That carefree new Cloud Knight recruit, huh... I was like that once upon a time, but it was a long while ago.
About Bailu
It's hard being the High Elder of the Vidyadhara... I hope she remains well in this lifetime.
About Jingliu
She taught me the skills with a blade, but we never became close... *sigh* In an endless night, there is nothing closer than the bright moon, always hanging in the sky.
About Blade
If he were to forget everything, it would make things a lot easier for me.
About Dan Heng
I understand the one I wished to trace... exists now only in memory. But it's probably what's best for him.
About the Crew
The Cloudstrider's chromatic echelon has departed once again, and the renewed connection of all worlds is imminent. This is good news for the Alliance... but now that the Star Rail is clear, what action will be taken by the fiends and demons once stranded in that remote corner? ...Alas, another problem for another day.
About the Ten-Lords Commission
A sword without a sheath is nothing more than a lethal weapon. The Ten-Lords Commission is the sheath that reigns in our long lives, the yoke that binds itself to us, and the law by which our merits and sins are judged.
Eidolon Activation
Those days were left behind with the passage of time.
Character Ascension
I always keep my mind sharp, for the lives of the Cloud Knights hinge on my decisions.
Max Level Reached
When you want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go together.
Trace Activation
The sky is a chessboard, and the moves we make betwixt the stars forge a cosmic destiny.
Added to Team With Yanqing
Remember, Yanqing — think before you act.
Added to Team With Fu Xuan
Give us an analysis of the situation, Master Diviner.
Added to Team With Jingliu
It's been a while... Master.
Added to Team With Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae
Bygones are bygones... but sometimes I wish things had turned out differently.
Added to Team With Blade
It isn't wise to put down the hammer and take up the sword.
Battle Begins: Weakness Break
A foregone conclusion.
Battle Begins: Danger Alert
A well-matched opponent.
Turn Begins 1
Follow my charge.
Turn Begins 2
There's no time to lose.
Turn Idling
Bide your time, but don't waste it.
Skill 1
Conflict is pitiless!
Skill 2
Hear this thunder!
Hit by Light Attack
Was that it?
Hit by Heavy Attack
Ultimate: Activate
Time for the masterstroke.
Ultimate: Unleash
Radiant spirit, heed my word. Show no mercy!
Too long behind the lines...
Return to Battle
It's good to be back in the field.
Health Recovery
A thousand thanks.
I command it.
Battle Won
Battles are chess games — no two are alike.
Treasure Opening 1
A diamond in the rough.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 1
There was more than met the eye.
Enemy Target Found
When faced with an army, bide your time and time your attack.
Returning to Town
A few games of chess will while away the time.
Treasure Opening 2
Oh? A delightful surprise.
Precious Treasure Opening
A rare find such as this is best suited for your keeping.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 2
These mechanisms function in intriguing ways.