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Character Stat
The Abundance
Diagnostic Kick
Diagnostic Kick
Basic ATK
Lv. 1
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Bailu's ATK to a single enemy.
Singing Among Clouds
Singing Among Clouds
Lv. 1
Heals a single ally for 7.8% of Bailu's Max HP plus 78. Bailu then heals random allies 2 time(s). After each healing, HP restored from the next healing is reduced by 15%.
Felicitous Thunderleap
Felicitous Thunderleap
Lv. 1
Heals all allies for 9.0% of Bailu's Max HP plus 90.
Bailu applies Invigoration to allies that are not already Invigorated. For those already Invigorated, Bailu extends the duration of their Invigoration by 1 turn.
The effect of Invigoration can last for 2 turn(s). This effect cannot stack.
Gourdful of Elixir
Gourdful of Elixir
Lv. 1
After an ally with Invigoration is hit, restores the ally's HP for 3.6% of Bailu's Max HP plus 36. This effect can trigger 2 time(s).
When an ally receives a killing blow, they will not be knocked down. Bailu immediately heals the ally for 12.0% of Bailu's Max HP plus 120 HP. This effect can be triggered 1 time per battle.
Attacks an enemy, and when the battle starts, reduces their Toughness of the corresponding Type.
Saunter in the Rain
Saunter in the Rain
After Technique is used, at the start of the next battle, all allies are granted Invigoration for 2 turn(s).
Ambrosial Aqua
Ambrosial Aqua
Lv. 1
If the target ally's current HP is equal to their Max HP when Invigoration ends, regenerates 8 extra Energy for this target.
Sylphic Slumber
Sylphic Slumber
Lv. 2
After using her Ultimate, Bailu's Outgoing Healing increases by an additional 15% for 2 turn(s).
Omniscient Opulence
Omniscient Opulence
Lv. 3
Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Evil Excision
Evil Excision
Lv. 4
Every healing provided by the Skill makes the recipient deal 10% more DMG for 2 turn(s). This effect can stack up to 3 time(s).
Waning Worries
Waning Worries
Lv. 5
Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Drooling Drop of Draconic Divinity
Drooling Drop of Draconic Divinity
Lv. 6
Bailu can heal allies who received a killing blow 1 more time(s) in a single battle.
Lv 20
Lv 30
Lv 40
Lv 50
Lv 60
Lv 70
Su Ling Chan
The Xianzhou Luofu
First Meeting
I'm Bailu, a doctor from the Alchemy Commission. Come here and let me have a look at you. Hmm... What's wrong? Where does it hurt?
Do you want candy? No? Then I'll have it.
Huh? I have to go back now...? Please, just a little a bit longer!
About Self
Do I even count as a dragon? ...What kind of a dragon can't step out of her own house, and has to obey the rules of the clan? I'd say I'm more like a fish in a fishbowl!
Chat: Food
Lunch is like medicine — it has to have the right balance of ingredients. Two smoked patties and a cup of milk tea is a great way to heal your heart and lift your spirits!
Study medicine, find herbs, and broaden my horizons. Everything can be used as a medicine. The rarer a disease is, the bolder the prescription must be~
There's only one ailment that I can't cure, and that. Is. Being. Short... Hmph!
Something to Share
Putting my head in the water, and though it is a small area, I feel I can breathe freer than before, far beyond the boundaries of the water...
A patient told me that the Garden of Gourmet released a new dessert called Fallen From the Skies. The sugar threads are suuuper looong... But I can't get my hands on it.
About Jing Yuan
The general comes to me with ailments such as "too tired to stay awake," and then he just asks how I've been and leaves after sitting around for a while. Sometimes he doesn't even take any medicine from me...
About Fu Xuan
Whenever Diviner Fu does overtime, we start running out of sugar powder for the medicinal eye-soothing tea...
About Yukong
Helm Master Yukong... She says she lets everything go everytime she sees me, but I don't think she has.
About Tingyun
Tingyun can endure more intense massages than other people, so I never show her mercy~
About Sushang
Ah, even if I don't step outside, I can still hear her. "Be eager to help those in need" — that's her, right?
About Qingque
I just wish I met the inventor of Celestial Jade earlier... This activity is great for both physical and mental health! It needs to get popularized!
About Guinaifen
Well... Um... Whenever I run off to play in Exalting Sanctum, I always bump into her and Sushang — they're usually in need of medical assistance... Sometimes Sushang is carrying her, sometimes she's carrying Sushang... and sometimes they're both in bad shape. How come? Performing arts can be dangerous, I guess.
About Hanya
I ran into her on a dark night once — she scared me half to death! Overworked, chronic insomnia, emotional turmoil — all the signs are there. If you ask me, she'd need to take it easy for a few decades to show any signs of recovery.
About Huohuo
She's always so jumpy and tense at her appointments, and I swear she talks to herself... o—or something we can't see. I should give her something stronger to calm her nerves.
About Xueyi
Wh—Why does it seem like she doesn't have to breathe? And her skin — why is it cold to the touch? It's like there's no blood running through her veins... Could she be... a ghost?
Eidolon Activation
The life of the Vidyadhara is like a dream.
Character Ascension
Hehe, my healing skills are second to none!
Max Level Reached
I've mastered the art of healing... but not the art of growing taller...
Trace Activation
Hmph, if I was bigger, I could've explored the whole galaxy by now.
Added to Team With {NICKNAME}
Don't worry — if anything happens, I'll just put you back together.
Added to Team With Fu Xuan
What's that, Master Diviner? Internal heat again? You need to start putting more sugar in your tea.
Added to Team With Dan Heng
Dan Heng! Teach me some more high elder magic!
Added to Team With Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae
Dan Heng! Teach me some more high elder magic!
Battle Begins: Weakness Break
Ha, you don't look so good.
Battle Begins: Danger Alert
Calm down or you'll overheat!
Turn Begins 1
Looks like somebody needs a doctor!
Turn Begins 2
Let me tend to your wounds!
Turn Idling
Standing here in silence, missing all the violence~
Basic ATK
Look, listen, feel, kick!
Skill 1
Say "ahhhh!"
Skill 2
Gotta get those vitamins.
Hit by Light Attack
You bully!
Hit by Heavy Attack
Help me!
Ultimate: Activate
Time to show you...
Ultimate: Unleash
What's in your... prescription!
Your treatment's not done yet!
Where's a doctor when you need one...
Return to Battle
Can't give up on my therapies just yet.
Health Recovery
Look lively!
A little something for everyone!
Battle Won
I told you they were sick.
Treasure Opening 1
If it works, it's good medicine.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 1
Gotta tell good remedies from bad.
Enemy Target Found
Careful — this is life or death.
Returning to Town
Come on, can't we stay out a little longer?
Treasure Opening 2
Hmm... Are any of these medicinal?
Precious Treasure Opening
Take these and pay me back with more sugar!
Successful Puzzle-Solving 2
Hehe⁓ A healer knows a little something about everything!