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Character Stat
The Abundance
Ice Crampon Technique
Ice Crampon Technique
Basic ATK
Lv. 1
Deals Quantum DMG equal to 25% of this character's Max HP to a single enemy.
Salted Camping Cans
Salted Camping Cans
Lv. 1
Applies ""Survival Response"" to a single target ally and increases their Max HP by 5.0% of Lynx's Max HP plus 50. If the target ally is a character on the Path of Destruction or Preservation, the chance of them being attacked by enemies will greatly increase. ""Survival Response"" lasts for 2 turn(s).
Restores the target's HP by 8.0% of Lynx's Max HP plus 80.
Snowfield First Aid
Snowfield First Aid
Lv. 1
Dispels 1 debuff(s) from all allies and immediately restores their respective HP by an amount equal to 9.0% of Lynx's Max HP plus 90.
Outdoor Survival Experience
Outdoor Survival Experience
Lv. 1
When using Lynx's Skill or Ultimate, applies continuous healing to the target ally for 2 turn(s), restoring the target ally's HP by an amount equal to 2.4% of Lynx's Max HP plus 24 at the start of each turn. If the target has ""Survival Response,"" the continuous healing effect additionally restores HP by an amount equal to 3.0% of Lynx's Max HP plus 30.
Attacks an enemy, and when the battle starts, reduces their Toughness of the corresponding Type.
Chocolate Energy Bar
Chocolate Energy Bar
After Lynx uses her Technique, at the start of the next battle, all allies are granted her Talent's continuous healing effect, lasting for 2 turn(s).
Morning of Snow Hike
Morning of Snow Hike
Lv. 1
When healing allies with HP equal to or lower than 50%, Lynx's Outgoing Healing increases by 20%. This effect also works on continuous healing.
Noon of Portable Furnace
Noon of Portable Furnace
Lv. 2
A target with ""Survival Response"" can resist debuff application for 1 time(s).
Afternoon of Avalanche Beacon
Afternoon of Avalanche Beacon
Lv. 3
Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Dusk of Warm Campfire
Dusk of Warm Campfire
Lv. 4
When ""Survival Response"" is gained, increases the target's ATK by an amount equal to 3.0% of Lynx's Max HP for 1 turn(s).
Night of Aurora Tea
Night of Aurora Tea
Lv. 5
Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Dawn of Explorers' Chart
Dawn of Explorers' Chart
Lv. 6
Additionally boosts the Max HP increasing effect of ""Survival Response"" by an amount equal to 6.0% of Lynx's Max HP and increases Effect RES by 30%.
Lv 20
Lv 30
Lv 40
Lv 50
Lv 60
Lv 70
Risa Mei
First Meeting
*sigh* So... I'm Lynx, a member of the Belobog Snow Plains research team. For work-related matters, please contact me during working hours. I'm unavailable at any other time. That's all, bye.
Hm... Sleeping bag, moisture resistant sleeping mat... All ready. It's time to go.
Mm, I think I'll set up camp here. I wonder if the aurora will be visible tonight...
About Self
For the Landau family, matters are simple: If you want to do something, go for it. I wanted to see the Snow Plains, so I joined the research team... It was as simple as that.
Chat: Adventuring Solo
There's nothing to worry about when you're prepared. It's the unprepared you should be concerned about. Oh, you're worried about me always going alone? Eh... It's better being alone.
Exploring the Snow Plains... Of course there will be all kinds of challenges along the way, but solving them is part of the fun.
It's such a bother to talk to people and try to figure out what they mean... *sigh* At least when I talk to Pela, I don't have to think so much...
Something to Share
Beware of the mountain winds in the Kandor Valley — they are usually the harbinger of a blizzard. And never, ever stay in the canyon at night.
Everything outside of Belobog is buried in snow, including all the history of the old world. But if we can bring it all back into the light of day by exploring the Snow Plains, then the choice seems simple: Just go for it.
About Bronya
It must be very tiring for Miss Bronya to have to deal with so many people every day.
About Serval
I actually admire her for her many talents... Don't tell her I said that.
About Gepard
My brother is a very capable and very good man... It would be nice if he didn't worry so much about me.
About Pela
There are many things that only Pela can understand... Hehe.
About Sampo
He seems to be a wanted criminal that my brother is tracking, but I feel like I see him occasionally in the Snow Plains... Ah! Is HE the legendary Belobog Caveman!?
Eidolon Activation
Everyone needs some time alone...
Character Ascension
Nice to have new survival skills under my belt...
Max Level Reached
Even the Snow Plains have an end...
Trace Activation
Nice! I'll try it out in my next expedition.
Added to Team With Pela
Shout if you get into trouble, Pela.
Added to Team With Serval
Never thought I'd get to fight side by side with you, sis...
Added to Team With Gepard
Stop holding me back, Gepard! I'm not a kid anymore...
Battle Begins: Weakness Break
Perfect, now's my chance.
Battle Begins: Danger Alert
Stay calm now, Lynx...
Turn Begins 1
Commencing research.
Turn Begins 2
Target specimen sighted, preparing for collection.
Turn Idling
I should've brought a chair with me...
Basic ATK
Excuse me, coming through.
Skill 1
Relax, deep breaths.
Skill 2
Time for something savory.
Hit by Light Attack
Ugh, I think something bit me...
Hit by Heavy Attack
I've gotta stop the bleeding.
Ultimate: Activate
To travel far away...
Ultimate: Unleash
For a tough case like yours, we're gonna try them all!
Brother... Sister...
Return to Battle
Let's start again.
Health Recovery
Just in time.
Battle Won
Every step is just a part of the adventure.
Treasure Opening 1
Looks handy. Into the backpack!
Successful Puzzle-Solving 1
Another handy survival skill.
Enemy Target Found
Seems this path is no good either...
Returning to Town
Get some rest while you can and gather your strength.
Treasure Opening 2
If they can fit in my rucksack, I'm taking them.
Precious Treasure Opening
I don't have space for all this...
Successful Puzzle-Solving 2
So that's how it works...