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Character Stat
The Harmony
Basic ATK
Lv. 1
Deals 50% of Yukong's ATK as Imaginary DMG to a target enemy.
Emboldening Salvo
Emboldening Salvo
Lv. 1
Obtains 2 stack(s) of ""Roaring Bowstrings"" (to a maximum of 2 stacks). When ""Roaring Bowstrings"" is active, the ATK of all allies increases by 40%, and every time an ally's turn (including Yukong's) ends, Yukong loses 1 stack of ""Roaring Bowstrings.""
When it's the turn where Yukong gains ""Roaring Bowstrings"" by using Skill, ""Roaring Bowstrings"" will not be removed.
Diving Kestrel
Diving Kestrel
Lv. 1
If ""Roaring Bowstrings"" is active on Yukong when her Ultimate is used, additionally increases all allies' CRIT Rate by 21.0% and CRIT DMG by 39%. At the same time, deals Imaginary DMG equal to 228% of Yukong's ATK to a single enemy.
Seven Layers, One Arrow
Seven Layers, One Arrow
Lv. 1
Basic ATK additionally deals Imaginary DMG equal to 40% of Yukong's ATK, and increases the Toughness-Reducing DMG of this attack by 100%. This effect can be triggered again after 1 turn(s).
Attacks an enemy, and when the battle starts, reduces their Toughness of the corresponding Type.
Chasing the Wind
Chasing the Wind
After using her Technique, Yukong enters Sprint mode for 20 seconds. In Sprint mode, her Movement SPD increases by 35%, and Yukong gains 2 stack(s) of ""Roaring Bowstrings"" when she enters battle by attacking enemies.
Aerial Marshal
Aerial Marshal
Lv. 1
At the start of battle, increases the SPD of all allies by 10% for 2 turn(s).
Skyward Command
Skyward Command
Lv. 2
When any ally's current energy is equal to its energy limit, Yukong regenerates an additional 5 energy. This effect can only be triggered once for each ally. The trigger count is reset after Yukong uses her Ultimate.
Torrential Fusillade
Torrential Fusillade
Lv. 3
Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Zephyrean Echoes
Zephyrean Echoes
Lv. 4
When ""Roaring Bowstrings"" is active, Yukong deals 30% more DMG to enemies.
August Deadshot
August Deadshot
Lv. 5
Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Bowstring Thunderclap
Bowstring Thunderclap
Lv. 6
When Yukong uses her Ultimate, she immediately gains 1 stack(s) of ""Roaring Bowstrings.""
Lv 20
Lv 30
Lv 40
Lv 50
Lv 60
Lv 70
Dawn M. Bennett
The Xianzhou Luofu
First Meeting
Hello, guest from the Astral Express. I am Yukong from the Luofu's Sky-Faring Commission. Welcome to the Xianzhou.
It's a good day to set sail, isn't it?
The sea of stars is vast and our journeys are difficult and long. Please look after yourself, no matter where you are.
About Self
I have worked in every post in the Sky-Faring Commission from maintenance to pilot, combat reserves to stargazer... Such a long time has gone by so quickly.
Chat: Flying
A full, complete flight can only be considered as such when it starts with a successful takeoff and ends with a good landing.
Chat: Sky-Faring Commission
The past and present of the Sky-Faring Commission do not have such a simple relationship. The events of the past crafted its current greatness.
I like to watch the clouds... I mean, the changing nebulas. The Sky-Faring Commission governs the area around the Xianzhou, but we are merely momentary traces that quickly disappear in the sky. The nebulas are the true masters of the heavens.
Compared to the skies and the stars, our lives are as brief as fleeting insects... How I wish I can witness the day that the Xianzhou truly returns in triumph.
Something to Share
The Sky-Faring Commission went toe to toe twelve times against the Plagues Author in the past. Three times we were nearly wiped out, but each time we rose up from the ashes and rebuilt.
I have seen the last ray of light right before a sun dies, and the pulsing volcanic veins akin to flesh and blood on planets brought to life. I've seen the Lux Arrow of the Reignbow Arbiter flying to places light-years away, and the Rainbow Memory Bubble of the Glowswather bursting within flames...
About Jing Yuan
The general may behave slovenly, but he has plans for all the affairs of the Xianzhou.
About Yanqing
A sword will vibrate and beg to be unsheathed if it is unused for too long... Once unsheathed, it will either paint the battlefield in blood, or break itself in the process...
About Tingyun
The Xianzhou need brawny warriors with their swords and spears, as well as unpredictable waters like her who travels freely and unrestrained.
About Sushang
She is indeed reckless, but she is also passionate and eager. Don't underestimate her. Youth can accomplish a lot simply by relying on such energy.
About Bailu
Though Bailu has been worshiped as the High Elder since birth and had no say in this, her title of Healer Lady was indeed gained from her expert practice of medicine.
About Jingliu
You should not mention this name... it has been a forbidden word for a long time.
About Qingni
Qingni picked the road she yearned for, just like her mother. There's no reason to feel remorse... It makes me wonder, who's really grappling with regrets?
Eidolon Activation
The heavens are vast, the kite flies where it wishes.
Character Ascension
My soul has never wandered far from this celestial expanse.
Max Level Reached
*sigh* The day I was awarded those honors is still vivid in my mind.
Trace Activation
I thought my days of wandering were behind me, but... there's still much to be experienced.
Added to Team With {NICKNAME}
Should you require aid, {NICKNAME}, you need only ask.
Added to Team With Tingyun
Are you capable of handling this situation, Tingyun?
Added to Team With Jing Yuan
General, my bow and arrows are at the ready, awaiting your command.
Added to Team With Yanqing
Yanqing, your swordsmanship needs no guidance from me. But I encourage you to learn from your friends.
Added to Team With Sushang
Be careful, Sushang. The battlefield tolerates no mistakes.
Battle Begins: Weakness Break
As easy as that.
Battle Begins: Danger Alert
Brave the wind!
Turn Begins 1
A pilot's spirit never dies.
Turn Begins 2
Stay the course.
Turn Idling
The time is now. We mustn't delay.
Basic ATK
This is it.
Skill 1
Skill 2
To the clouds!
Hit by Light Attack
I can take it.
Hit by Heavy Attack
Argh... Watch yourselves!
Ultimate: Activate
The wind is rising.
Ultimate: Unleash
Cloudkites, formation! Bolt from the blue!
The shame of it...
Return to Battle
There'll be more to come.
Health Recovery
Thank you, comrade.
Speed, not haste.
Battle Won
I'm glad we're all out safely.
Treasure Opening 1
Quite the taking.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 1
Hardly a concern.
Enemy Target Found
Never let your guard down in front of your enemy.
Returning to Town
Another busy day ahead of us?
Treasure Opening 2
May good things come in pairs.
Precious Treasure Opening
A sight not often seen.
Successful Puzzle-Solving 2
Practice is the key to increasing proficiency.